Such a great day with great girls! Happy you’re both back in Seoul ♥ (at Cafe des Arts)

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They’re like, 12

The correct way to refer to anyone younger than you (via guy)

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list of people harry could have reasonably named his second kid after

  • remus
  • cedric
  • hagrid
  • remus
  • fred
  • moody
  • neville
  • ted tonks
  • r e m u s f u c k i n g l u p i n
  • dobby
  • the giant squid
  • dean?? seamus?? roN??

list of dead people harry named his second kid after

  • the guy who lied to him his entire life (dumbledore)
  • the guy who abused him and his friends his entire life (snape)

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deeply frustrated with the loss of life. i pray the toll doesnt rise. Korea, something has to change. First, a plane goes down because a co-pilot wont speak up to his senior. Now 300 children are missing in a sunken ferry because they were told to stay put.

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~Super Junior: Donghae as a cool elven~ by Z-HyoIn

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“Donghae always act cute. Not that he’s pretending but he is naturally cute.” -Yesung

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the desolation of desolation of smaug by marciana

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